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Dining Out: St. Louis

Nudo House

Hey people who don’t live in the county: Wah, Nudo House is far away from you. I don’t care. You guys get to live right next to places…

Dining Out: St. Louis

Frankly on Cherokee

I’m a very lazy person who doesn’t really want to spend the time giving you the backstory on Frankly on Cherokee, so before you continue reading this piece,…

Dining Out: D.C.

Momofuku CCDC

Am I cool now that I’ve been to one of David Chang’s restaurants? Unlike most of the celebrity chefs who have used their fame to churn out garbage…

Dining Out: St. Louis

W&S’s STL 20

Lists. They’re so hot these days. In putting together this list, I thought of it like this: if a renowned restaurateur, chef, or diner came to town and…

Dining Out: St. Louis

David Burke at Four Seasons STL

Fun fact that you’ll wish you had known a couple of weeks ago: every year around Valentine’s Day, St. Louis Community College teams up with Four Seasons St….

Dining Out: St. Louis

David Choi’s Modern Korean Feast

One of my favorite questions to ask chefs and fellow diners is what kind of restaurant they think St. Louis is missing, then ignoring them if their opinion…

Dining Out: St. Louis

Frankly Fish Fry

A few weeks back, I fell into a late night YouTube blackhole that started with me watching someone build a guitar and ended with me watching Heston Blumenthal…

Dining Out: St. Louis

Grace Meat + Three

Anyone who had eaten Rick Lewis’ food before Southern knew he was capable of far more than just serving up fried chicken and a few sandwiches (remember when…

Dining Out: St. Louis

Eating on Olive Blvd.

Some say that the county is a depressing wasteland full of chain restaurants, McMansions, and white women who inexplicably voted for Donald Trump. Those people are…not really wrong….

Dining Out: St. Louis

Bolyard’s Biscuits and Gravy

There is a shortage of good weekend breakfast options in St. Louis. That’s started to change with restaurants like Vista, Sardella, and Reeds opening for brunch, along with breakfast-specific spots…

Dining Out: St. Louis

Balkan Treat Box

Balkan Treat Box is the best food truck in St. Louis. Hell, I’d even go so far as to say the food coming out of this is more flavorful…

Dining Out: St. Louis

Vista Ramen

I’ve effusively written about restaurants that do modern Asian well in the past, with places like D.C.’s Maketto and Singapore’s Candlenut being some of my favorite restaurants I’ve ever…