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Matt Wynn’s Corn Soup

There are two things you need to know about this post: #1: Matt Wynn is a talented young chef in St. Louis. He’s worked at Hearth, Craftbar, Craftsteak,…


Peach & Chamomile Panna Cotta

St. Louis summer can be brutal. Oppressive humidity, days where it’s as hot as the desert, spiders. Sometimes I wonder why anyone decided to settle here. On the other…


Sunshine Dust Ginger Cookies

  Let’s just call these rustic cookies, okay? I simply do not possess the finesse needed to make beautiful desserts. I require years of training. I don’t think…


Nduja Stuffed Baked Brie

I was hesitant to post this recipe, not because it isn’t delicious, but because you really don’t have to do much. It’s slightly more challenging than Rachael Ray’s famous Late…


Restaurant Quality Steak—At Home

Steak. Let’s talk about it. You brag about how you cook a mean steak at home, but deep inside, you know you don’t. You overcook it. You undercook it….


Grilled Sesame Mushrooms

Most of my home cooking inspiration comes from meals I’ve had out at restaurants. That’s my favorite part of eating food made by talented chefs—that wow factor they manage…


Oaxacan Mole Braised Beef

I’m not a butcher, but I’ve hung around Bolyard’s Meat enough to consider myself a meat journeyman. I’ve learned by watching, not doing. Can I break down a cow? No. Can…


Cookbook Picks: Winter 2016

We are living in a digital world, and I am a digital girl—except when it comes to cookbooks. I’m a cookbook collector (and possibly a burgeoning hoarder). Last…


Aged Egg Nog

Growing up in a pseudo-Kosher, moderately Jewish household, I missed out on all the fun parts of Christmas: the gifts, the ham, the egg nog. I’d sit and spin…


The Cold, Dark, Stirred Bitter Truth

In an ideal world, I’d spend every evening at Randolfi’s. I’d walk in with my glorious beard, impeccably tailored peacoat, and shawl collared sweater, brush the snow off…


Butternut Squash Gratin

As far as I’m concerned, winter has only one positive: layering. Layers of clothing that hide the squishy body you’re hiding beneath, thanks to all the heavy, soul-warming…


Summer Corn Bruschetta

I’ve had my share of haute cuisine, dishes with ingredient and instruction lists as long as the Torah, but I’m still more impressed by a simple dish executed perfectly….