Delux Burger

The best part of vacation is eating like a happy little pig, then going home and feeling bad about yourself when you look in the mirror. To unlock that vacation achievement, we made a pit stop at Delux in Scottsdales, Arizona. This place has been a long-time favorite of ours for good reason: they have a humongous micro-brew beer selection, shopping carts full of fries and hamburgers. We got two carts of fries for the table because we’re big boned people. One was the mixed sweet potato and regular, the other was just sweet potato. They come with a house made ketchup and a chipotle aioli (I think) that are pretttty, pretttty tasty.

The Delux burger takes Niman Ranch beef, rests it on a pillowy demi-baguette, and garnishes it with caramelized onions, bits of applewood smoked bacon, a blend of gruyere and Maytag blue cheese, and a handful of arugula. Because it has arugula on it, it is healthy. I would say the amount of toppings on the burger is the exact right amount. Nothing stands out too much. It’s just right.

My girlfriend blew my mind when she ordered the Delux Signature Jumbo Hot Dog. Totally out of left field. Then again, who wouldn’t love a beef hot dog on a pretzel roll served with some mustard and onions? I managed to steal a bite when she wasn’t looking and it was definitely a good wiener.

If I lived in Phoenix/Scottsdale, Delux + In-n-Out would ruin me. I’d be one tan fat boy.

Mixed fries at Delux BurgerHot Dog at Delux Burger Burger at Delux Burger


3146 E. Camelback

Phoenix, AZ 85016

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  1. Funny i’ve never even CONSIDERED ordering their hot dog – i don’t know if i ever even noticed it on the menu… their burgers and fries are SO GOOD. I could probably chug the fry sauce. And their salads are pretty solid too. 

    Now i’m craving Delux…. crap. 

    • Spencer

      At least you’re in Arizona! I crave it and I’m across the country. 🙁

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