‘Tis The Season For Good Eating

Fall! Tis the season of all things brown and orange. Gone are the wonderful bounties of summer—all we have now are apples, beets, and cabbage.  The best part about fall is that we can stop caring about how we look and start packing on the pounds. You’ve got to help your body get ready for winter, right? Here are 5 of my fall favorites.

Rebel Roots Caramel Apple Co

There are caramel apples, then there are Rebel Roots caramel apples. Owner Amelia Karges—a registered dietician!—uses a top secret family recipe for her soft, wonderful caramel that somehow doesn’t stick to your teeth. Taking it a step further, she uses what she’s learned staging in some St. Louis’ best restaurant to create wildly creative flavors, like Earl Grey caramel with biscotti bits and a curry caramel with cashew brittle. Plus, each one is a piece of art.
Below are two of my favorites: S’mores, complete with blowtorched marshmallow, and Lapsang Souchang (a smokey Chinese tea) caramel drizzled with Askinosie dark chocolate. You can find them at the Tower Grove Farmers Market the next few weeks, but then you’ll have to wait until next season. Sadness.

Old Blue Raw Honey

My honey consumption rapidly rises come fall and winter. It’s in my tea, it’s on my roasted carrots, it’s poured onto some piping hot cornbread. No honey is more delicious than the rare Meadowfoam honey from the Pacific Northwest.
Doesn’t all honey taste pretty much the same, you ask? No, you palate-less donkey. It tastes like the bees harvested the nectar from marshmallows and vanilla beans. That’s right, it tastes like a vanilla marshmallow. It is the single most delicious honey I’ve found. I’m hesitant to even tell you about it in fear of it selling out, but I’m a nice guy, so here you go.
Head to Old Blue Raw Honey’s site and get some before they run out. You’re welcome.

Rip Van Wafels — Honey & Oats

More honey! Except this time, it’s in a less messy, portable form. Rip van Wafels is a small company based out of San Francisco making Dutch stroop wafels, which are like two thin wafel cookies with a caramely filling in between. You can eat them straight out of the wrapper at room temp, or you can do it like a pro and put it over a hot cup of tea, coffee, or the top of your bong. The cookie softens and the inside melts, making every bite much more decadent.
The new honey and oats flavor is perfect for a not-too-sweet breakfast or mid-morning snack on the go. Get it here.

Schlafly Pumpkin Ale

Few fall treats cause a ruckus like pumpkin beer. To some, the idea of popping the top off a bottle and smelling nutmeg, cinnamon, and wisps of cloves causes levels of irrational anger usually saved for in-laws and opposing sports teams; to others, the smell is heavenly.
I fall in between. Too many times I’ve opened a beer, greeted by the smells of fall, only to be disappointed (or disgusted) by their flavor. Schlafly nails it, though. Not only does it smell like a pumpkin pie, but its flavor is perfectly pumpkiny. Time is running out to get this. Go!

Fitz’s Pumpkin Soda

There’s no better father-son bonding time than sitting around watching sports while drinking. Unfortunately, that means you legally can’t start bonding until the little tyke is 21, at which point he will want absolutely nothing to do with you.
Fitz’s saves the day! Now you can have your big boy pumpkin beer and he can have his kid-friendly Pumpkin Pop. Like Schlafly’s Pumpkin Ale, it’s only available a limited time, so you better stock up now!

Looking for more great places to eat? You need Olio City. Download the app to find the best restaurants, bars and events in St. Louis. You don’t need to ask me anymore!

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  1. Thanks for the feature! Meadowfoam honey is indeed something special.

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