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“Is Whiskey and Soba dead?”

No. Much like Batman in the time between The Dark Knight and The Dark Knight Rises, I needed to step away for a bit. There were a number of reasons: It’s hard to make money with a blog if you’re not whoring yourself out to big companies, and I refuse to put up a post about how the Big Mac is the best sandwich you’ll ever eat. I burned myself out—for well over a year, I was doing 3 posts per week, which was overkill.

And I joined the workforce again. Yes, I went back to the coal mines. Just kidding. I started working for a St. Louis-based app, Olio City.  I have to get dressed and leave the house most mornings. I get to talk to humans instead of dogs all day. It’s nice.

I used Olio before I ever thought about joining the team, and the reason why is simple: everything in the app is curated—local experts in St. Louis, Nashville, and Chicago handpick the restaurants (and events) that go in the app.  There are no chains. There’s none of the B.S. that you get in TripAdvisor or Yelp. I hate Yelp. You hate Yelp. If you’ve ever seen my Twitter rants about Michelle B., you’ll see a prime example of why it sucks.

I liked that I could open Olio, see what good restaurants were near me, and then check them out. Most of the write ups are pretty amusing, too. They’re supposed to read the way you’d talk to a friend after a beer or two.

Our goal with the app is to take the burden away from figuring out where to go, no matter if it’s in your hometown or when you’re traveling. Every city has its little nooks and crannies filled with hidden gems. Think about places like Taqueria Durango and Pita Plus; they never end up on any Top Restaurant lists, but they’re delicious and locals flood them everyday. Plus, the more you (and your friends) use the app, the more personalized it gets.

The app houses a lot of things besides the restaurant write ups, like top events, Famous Local guides (think Gerard Craft, Adam Wainwright, Jimmy Sansone), Neighborhood guides, and so on, but it’s the fact that all the restaurants in it are good that kept me interested and, I think, would keep readers of this blog interested.

We’re constantly adding restaurants to the app and we’re constantly trying to improve it and the website. Expect changes to both, visually, in the coming months. Expect some fun, unique, under-the-radar dinners—and some not-so under-the-radar ones, too. If you ever notice a great restaurant isn’t it and you think it should be, email me: Spencer[at]OlioCity[dot]com.

And expect more Whiskey and Soba posts. Thanks for all your support over the years.

You can download Olio City on iOS and Android.

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  1. Excited for you and this opportunity!

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