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Dining Out: St. Louis

Salt + Smoke’s Brisket

There are a lot of things to like about Salt + Smoke, like owner Tom Schmidt’s sultry voice and his Leonidas beard, dense as Germany’s Black Forest, dark as…

Meet + Greet

Lisa Govro

What started as an art project in 2012 has evolved into St. Louis’ hottest tea business. I sat down with Big Heart Tea Co.’s (formerly Retrailer Tea) founder,…


Sunshine Dust Ginger Cookies

  Let’s just call these rustic cookies, okay? I simply do not possess the finesse needed to make beautiful desserts. I require years of training. I don’t think…

Dish of the Day

Torta Ahogada

I do my best not to do the standard Food Network reaction when I eat something delicious (you know the one: they take a bite, then simultaneously roll…


Nduja Stuffed Baked Brie

I was hesitant to post this recipe, not because it isn’t delicious, but because you really don’t have to do much. It’s slightly more challenging than Rachael Ray’s famous Late…


Restaurant Quality Steak—At Home

Steak. Let’s talk about it. You brag about how you cook a mean steak at home, but deep inside, you know you don’t. You overcook it. You undercook it….


Grilled Sesame Mushrooms

Most of my home cooking inspiration comes from meals I’ve had out at restaurants. That’s my favorite part of eating food made by talented chefs—that wow factor they manage…

Dish of the Day

Union Loafers’ Pizza

Hey Spencer, didn’t you already write about Union Loafers’ pizza? I sure did. Back in the old days (this summer), Loafers only made pizza once a week. If…


Oaxacan Mole Braised Beef

I’m not a butcher, but I’ve hung around Bolyard’s Meat enough to consider myself a meat journeyman. I’ve learned by watching, not doing. Can I break down a cow? No. Can…

Dining Out: St. Louis

I Love Juice Bar

Wasn’t it great complaining/humble-bragging to your coworkers at work the last few days about how you’re still full from Christmas feasting, when you expertly prepared that whatever? First of all,…


Cookbook Picks: Winter 2016

We are living in a digital world, and I am a digital girl—except when it comes to cookbooks. I’m a cookbook collector (and possibly a burgeoning hoarder). Last…

Dining Out: St. Louis

Nathaniel Reid Bakery

I went to France for 2 weeks in 2006, which makes me uniquely qualified to discuss les pâtisseries viennoises, entremets, and baguettes. I see myself as a cross between Mary Berry and Pierre Hermé. When…