If you’ve read my past reviews, you might be thinking all I do is eat the fanciest food St. Louis has to offer. Not true! Sometimes I need to let loose and gorge myself on chicken fingers and curly fries. When that night comes, Sportsman’s Park in Ladue is where you’ll find me holding court. I’ll be seated at one of their tiny tables, cramming the biggest chicken fingers you’ve ever seen into my face. Whole chicken breast gigantic. An order of those with a side of ranch and/or blue cheese and their hot sauce–WOO BABY. I’m getting all hungry just thinking about it.

Chicken fingers at Sportsman's Park chicken tenders at Sportsman's Park


The curly fries are almost equally as delicious. I don’t know what magic seasonings they put on them, but they’re perfect when dunked into a pool of ranch/blue cheese/hot sauce. During a dark period in the mid-2000’s, they removed the curly fries from the menu. My brother walked out when they broke the news to him and refused to return until they were brought back. He loves curly fries.

For some odd reason, my sister got the hot dog last time we went, which was made even odder when it came out sliced in 4 and placed on a hamburger bun. Why she decided to order this, I do not know.

Summary: go to Sportsman’s for chicken strips and curly fries. Not hot dogs.


hot dog at Sportsman's Park Curly fries at Sportsman's Park

Sportman’s Park

9901 Clayton Road

St. Louis, MO 63124


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