Where To Eat In:
St. Louis

Looking for specific recommendations? Shoot me a note. I’m happy to help.


  1. Great list all my favorites!!!!

  2. Bob Koogler

    I enjoy your blog. A few observations:

    1. For the most part your recommendations are of restaurants that have been around for a shorter period of time (exceptions being SSC, Aya Sofia, Truffles, Annie Gunns, etc.) While I have dined at many of your recommendations I would respectfully disagree with a couple — and that’s what makes food discussions so great! For instance: Italian. Pastaria, Katie‚Äôs Pizza and Pasta, Salume Beddu are all very good (especially Pastaria) but I feel they are not in the same league as such true Italian restaurants such as Paul Manno’s, Roberto’s Trattoria, Domenic’s, Lorenzo’s and Giovanni’s. Also, best prime rib is at The Restaurant at the Cheshire? It’s good, but pales in comparison to Kreis’ and even Iron Barley.
    —- Bob

    • Hey Bob,

      Thanks for the comment. This list is obviously just my opinion and I think it reflects me and most of the people my age (mid-20’s) pretty well – when I think of Italian, I don’t think of the more “classic” style of Italian restaurant, as you listed. They’re simply not my style. That’s not to say that the food there isn’t good, or even great, but they just don’t excite me. Maybe I’ll have to add a “classic” Italian section to the list.

      Regarding prime rib, I’ll add Kreis’, as I’ve had that and enjoyed it. Never had Iron Barley’s, but I imagine it’s also quite good. I’ll let you know when I get over there and try it!

  3. Steve holmes

    Awesome list! I got work to do, especially in the Asian categories (every time I’m in the mood I just go to Mai lee or fork n sticks). Time to broader my horizons.
    This is a matter of taste, but I’d seperate seafood out as casual (peacemaker) and fancy (Farmhaus). Both excellent but totally different experiences. I want STL to know what a treasure we’ve got in fishmonger Kevin Willman. He’s that good!!!
    There Friday night for a tsunami of fresh Louisiana yellowfin that blows the mind! Last night was Peacemaker and it was great as usual, but two very different, exceptional experiences!
    My other peeve is the 801 Chop and Fish hype. Been to Chop with client who wanted to go and we had to tell them how to cook the steak (leave the truck of butter and the pile of salt off, please) and Fish was average at best…except the check made me think I could have flied to either Coast for same amount!
    I’m using this list as my idea generator for the foreseeable future!

  4. Michael Jones

    I need some recommendations for next Sunday lunch/brunch place.
    I dislike the word brunch as it conjures buffets of steam tables.

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