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Meet + Greet

A Conversation with Gerard Craft

Gerard Craft is undeniably one of the most influential chefs in the Midwest, and has been for nearly a decade. His progressive thinking and leadership has given St. Louis…

Dining Out: D.C.


  Queenstown, New Zealand. Tia Carrere. The White Stripes. All things I fell in love with instantly. There haven’t been many moments in my life where my first…

Dining Out: D.C.

Pineapple and Pearls

I try to limit my word count in posts these days, but occasionally, a lengthy piece is warranted. Pineapple & Pearls opened in D.C. earlier this year and…

Dining Out: D.C.

Eating Around D.C.

Regrets. Late night orders of McDonald’s delivery in Singapore. That yellow crewneck sweater I wore senior year of high school. Getting so drunk in Korea that I was…

Dining Out: St. Louis

Chris Bolyard’s Living Room Pop-Up

It’s quarter to six and I’m standing in Living Room cafe’s galley kitchen. Chef, owner, and butcher of Bolyard’s Meat and Provisions, Chris Bolyard, is to my right, setting…

Tail Up Goat in Washington, DC

Dining Out: D.C.

Tail Up Goat

I plan trips around food. For years, I’d scour over menus and reviews before and after picking a restaurant, but I found that going in with all these…

Dining Out: St. Louis

Kitchen Kulture

I can’t recall if it was last winter or the winter before it when I first encountered Kitchen Kulture, but I remember it like it was yesterday: I was…

Byrd and Barrel's chicken nugz, BBQ sauce, and tots

Dish of the Day

Byrd & Barrel Nugz & Tots

Many moons ago, I wrote about Byrd & Barrel. And, since the time of publishing, I’ve returned a number of times. Unexplainably, it wasn’t until three weeks ago…

Dining Out: St. Louis

Luau at the Four Seasons

You always want what you can’t have, and growing up, that was pork for me. Like a lot of Jewish kids, I grew up in a half-heartedly Kosher…

Dining Out: St. Louis


Hello Wildcats! It’s been too long since I’ve written about Taste, Gerard Craft’s CWE bar. A lot has changed since my first post: Matt Daughaday departed to open…

Dining Out: St. Louis

Sardella: Pop-Up Preview

June 2nd was an emotional day for me. The rumors were true: Niche was closing and executive chef Nate Hereford was leaving for San Francisco. I felt like…

Dining Out: St. Louis

Scenes from Sidney Street Cafe

Behind the Scenes Sidney Street Cafe St. Louis, Missouri June 2016