Louie Matt McGuire

You’re probably here for one of two reasons: you love louie and you want to bask in its glory, or someone told you louie was amazing and you don’t trust them. But you can trust me.

I’ve never believed there’s such a thing as a perfect restaurant, but damn if Louie doesn’t make me wonder if I’m wrong. Matt McGuire, a veteran of the restaurant world, is one of the most well-spoken, intelligent, generous, and focused people I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing, and if you’ve spent any time at all talking to him, I’m sure you agree. (If you haven’t, pop over to the pizza oven & charcuterie station and say hi/bye next time you’re in). The restaurant is a reflection of him—it’s classic and modern, warm and welcoming.

I only have good things to say about Louie. I love it all. I love the staff, I love the cooks, I love the food. It works for a quick bite and a beer as well as it works for a celebratory meal. You can for something light and healthy(ish) or ruin your body with the Roman gnoccho, pastas, enormous pork chop, and cocktails. I prefer the latter.

The menu doesn’t change often, but there are usually a few nightly specials—especially on the pasta front. Matt and his executive chef, Sean Turner, have set the menu up where everything appears to be very simple, but the reality is, few things are. The simplest things are the hardest, after all.

If you stop reading right here, know that you must order the chicken and the ice cream sandwich.

Louie Interior
Louie Bar

Let’s walk through my favorite items on the menu. Below the write ups, you’ll find photos

Small plates

The small plates section of the menu is where i spend most of my calories, for reasons that are about to become very obvious.


White bean hummus

mint, hearth bread

Simple—but with the addition of the pop of mint and drizzle of high quality olive oil, perfection.

Louie_0219_Eggplant Dip-5.jpg

Charred Eggplant Dip

hearth bread, season vegetables

The perfect blend of charred eggplant and olive oil—it doesn’t taste overly smoky, nor is the eggplant flavor very strong (shout out to the eggplant haters). Don’t think of it as baba ganoush, though—it’s closer to a hummus. Also, anything served with their wood-fired hearth pita bread is going to taste good.

louie broccolini


calabrian vinaigrette

Charred broccolini topped with a slightly spicy, kinda funky vinaigrette. This photo is obviously not of the finished product, but I ate it before I could take a shot last time. Whoops.

Louie Cauliflower.jpg

Cauliflower Fritto

mint aioli

Everyone knows that the best vegetables are fried and dipped in aioli.

Louie Prosciutto.jpg

Prosciutto di parma

Parmigiano Reggiano DOP Vacche Rosse

There are three things on the plate: prosciutto, cheese, and olive oil. Each is amazing on its own. combined—unbeatable. Especially when eaten on a warm piece of hearth bread. Bury me in this prosciutto.


Louie Pizza.jpg

salsiccia pizza

roasted fennel, sausage, hot cherry peppers, mozzarella

Okay, this is not a picture of their salsiccia pizza, but a special they did on their one year anniversary. Louie is really dark at night, and the spicy sausage pizza is really good, and…I just forgot to take pictures of it, repeatedly.

Louie Sweet Potato Ravioli.jpg

Filled pasta

This version: sweet potato ravioli, brown butter, almond, smoked ricotta

There’s usually at least one filled pasta special. Get it. Whether it’s sweet potato with smoked ricotta salata, summer sweet corn with tomatoes, or prosciutto en brodo, you won’t regret it. Unless you have Celiac disease.


Roman gnocco

pork ragu, bechamel, pecorino

The gnocco isn’t my favorite dish (controversial!), but it seems to be everyone else’s. One friend described it as getting a hug from your grandma. It’s heavy, it’s decadent and you’re going to eat way too much of it.


polenta & Roasted Mushrooms

If I’m going to eat until I hurt myself, I’m going with the polenta and mushrooms over the gnocco (once again, that’s just me). It’s another simple but perfect dish, except if you are lactose intolerant like this guy.


Grilled strip steak

crispy potatoes, salsa verde

It’s just a good steak, man. Those potatoes are crunchy AF.

Louie Pork Chop 2.jpg

pork chop

shishitos, chermoula

Some have said this is the best pork chop they’ve ever had, and I can’t really argue with that. Also, it’s huge.

Louie Chicken.jpg

Roast chicken

rapini, chicken jus

I’m dedicating an entire post to this chicken soon. It puts all other chickens to shame. I know chicken sounds boring, but you need to try it.

If you don’t like it, you don’t deserve to be eating here.



ice cream sandwich

Oh, great, not only is Louie’s entire savory menu off the fucking charts, but they’ve also somehow made the greatest ice cream sandwich I’ve ever had. I don’t even take Lactaid when I eat this—it’s worth the discomfort. Frozen chocolate mousse is sandwiched between two cocoa nib macarons, served with Dragees cocoa nibs and a chocolate coulis.