Omakase V: Nick Bognar & Chris Bork

This is another one of those posts that really isn’t doing you any good.

I mean, what’s the point in me telling you there was a two night pop up where Nick Bognar of Nippon Tei combined forces with Chris Bork, formerly of VISTA (RIP)? Only 30 or so tickets were sold, so more than likely, you weren’t one of those people. That sucks, man. I think you really would have liked it.

When I posted about it on Instagram and Twitter, a bunch of you messaged me specifically about how you missed Bork, how his food was sooo good, etc. Let me tell you something: no one loves what Bork is doing more than me. He understands, respects, and plays with Asian ingredients and dishes in a way I only dream I could. If I were an obscenely wealthy man, I would quit working and pay him handsomely to teach me everything he knows. And to cook most of my meals. Also, give me hair styling tips. He is my food crush.

That’s not to say Nick Bognar isn’t also one of my favorites, because he is. He’s figuring out how to combine his Thai heritage with his love for Japanese cooking, and when he perfects that, St. Louis won’t know what hit them. The Isaan Hamachi you see below will be his signature dish—as soon as that hits his menu, consider it a must-order. In fact, ask him for the next time you're in. Let’s peer pressure him into feeding us that good stuff.

Anyway, the dinner was the best I’ve had so far in 2019. You should message Bork and Bognar (doesn’t that sound like an Eastern European version of Simon and Garfunkel?) and tell them that you demand more collaboration dinners.


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OMakase V

Design work by ForTheWhen

BorkBognar_Tskune (4 of 4).jpg


marinated quail egg, tare, yuzu gel

BorkBognar_Kanpachi (4 of 5).jpg


BorkBognar_IsaanHamachi (2 of 5).jpg

Isaan Hamachi

Thai koshi, coconut naam pla, candied garlic, shallots

BorkBognar_Foie (4 of 5).jpg

Foie Gras Torchon

Kumquat, mushroom chip, dashi, pickled shiitake

BorkBognar_ShimaAji (2 of 3).jpg

Shima Aji

Madai Ceviche

Seabream, leche de tigre, lime zest, radish, basil oil

BorkBognar_KhaoSoi (3 of 3).jpg

Khao Soi Soup Dumpling

curry leaf nage, cilantro, lime zest

Zuke honmaguro akami nigiri

Laab Tartare

lamb tartare, laab spices, candied pine nuts, rice crackers, thai basil

BorkBognar_FIllet (2 of 3).jpg

Fillet of Beef

shrimp head red curry, raw Hokkaido scallop, scallop jerky, black garlic butter



Santa barbara Uni

BorkBognar_PannaCotta (3 of 3).jpg

Coconut & Kaffir Panna Cotta

Kaffir lime, ginger snap soil, basil, coconut vinegar gel, plum