Aged Egg Nog


Growing up in a pseudo-Kosher, moderately Jewish household, I missed out on all the fun parts of Christmas: the gifts, the ham, the egg nog. I’d sit and spin my dreidel (maybe a euphemism), waiting to hear from all my Jesus loving friends.

My first time tasting egg nog came when I was in 8th grade. I was at a friend’s house the day after Christmas, getting ready to play hour upon hour of Halo whatever when his mom brought us each a big glass of egg nog. My excitement was palpable. I took a big swig—disgusting. Utterly disgusting. Egg nog was dead to me. I’ll stick to Manischewitz, thank you very much.

It wasn’t until a couple weeks ago when Randolfi’s [RIP] head barman, Jeffrey Moll, invited me over to try his aged egg nog. Very intriguing, Jeffrey. His eggnog follows the style of George P. Hunt, sans the party—unless you pay more.

The approach to this nog is to start it on the weekend that proceeds Thanksgiving. In the four weeks that follow, it mellows out a little and thickens up. I have obviously screwed that up already, seeing as it’s December 7th, but I’m sure it’ll be good by Christmas. OR you can make it now and serve it next year—because of its alcohol content, it’s very stable so long as its refrigerated.


Aged Egg Nog

by jeffrey moll



12 egg yolks
2c sugar
8oz half & half
32oz whole milk
32oz Four Roses Single-Barrel (or Buffalo Trace) bourbon whiskey
8oz Camus VS cognac
4oz El Dorado 12 year rum
salt (a couple pinches)


Start by whisking together the yolks and sugar until the sugar dissolves. The mixture should be creamy. This will take ten minutes or so. Drink some bourbon while whisking to get in the mood.

Once ready, work in all the dairy and salt.

Finally, add all alcohol.

Pour the final product back into empty bottles and place in refrigerator for 3-4 weeks, shaking every couple of days. It will be ready by Christmas.

Don’t forget to top with freshly grated nutmeg!