Brewers Guild x Reeds American Table

With something like 150 separate events going on for St. Louis Craft Beer Week, one stood out above all others to me: the St. Louis Brewers Guild Beer Brunch at Reeds American Table. Let's look at the facts: -Troika Brodsky, head of the Guild, was my counselor at summer camp.

-A portion of the proceeds went to the Guild, a 501c3 non-profit whose mission is to support the St. Louis area brewing industry. The other portion went to Reeds, whose mission is to feed me great food.

-I got to drink beer from Rockwell, Six Mile Bridge, Side Project, and Civil Life.

-I got to eat food made by Matt Daughaday and his team.

Easy decision right there.

Before we get into things, this is a gentle reminder that I do not know anything about beer. 

Things kicked off with Rockwell's unreleased Vay Trois Biere de Garde, and boy, did I love this beer. It was sweet, but not cloyingly so, which paired beautifully with the savory date and manchego scone. Thinking back on it now, I imagine that this is what Butterbeer in the Harry Potter world tastes like. The general consensus at my table seemed to be that 4 courses of this beer and this scone would have been perfectly acceptable.

Our second course was like a visit to Miami with the citrusy Blood Orange Belgian Wit from Six Mile Bridge paired with Daughaday's spicy chorizo, potato, and poached scrambled eggs (yes, you read that right) plate, minus all the terrible people.  This was my first time trying this newcomer to the Reeds brunch menu, and like everything else I've had there so far, it gets two thumbs up from me.

Reeds' porchetta plate is their lumberjack dish—the kind of dish that's heavy enough to keep you full for hours. But instead of going out and doing anything productive, we both know that you're going to go home after brunch, take your pants off, and watch 8 hours of Netflix. The richness of fatty pork and the sweetness from the maple sauce made pairing it with Side Project's Fuzzy Blend #2, a no-brainer—the tart, citrusy beer sliced through the dish like Paul Bunyan's axe.

By the time this dish and this beer were in my belly, I'd begun to grow full and weary. Even Troika seemed to be close to keeling over. Pours and plates had been generous. I worried I might not be able to continue.

You know how you make more room for food? You smell bacon, the smelling salt of the food world. When the plate of poached eggs, brown butter hollandaise (!), and bacon was set down in front of us, it disappeared in seconds. We all washed it down with Civil Life's Common Lager.

St. Louis Craft Beer Week is the best.

Post script: After eating all of this food and saying our goodbyes, Troika invited me to head downstairs to the Reeds bar for a post-drinking drink. In a matter of minutes, multiple Brunch Punches and cappuccinos were consumed. With Reeds closing until dinner and our appetites for self-destruction not yet satiated, we headed next door to the newly opened NHB Knifeworks and proceeded to spend a large sum of money on sharp objects. 

Reeds American Table is on Olio City! Download the app to find the best restaurants in St. Louis, Chicago, and Nashville. You don't need to ask me anymore!