Brunch at Reeds American Table

Reeds no longer serves brunch.

There are two glaring omissions on this site: posts about brunch and posts about Reeds American Table. Brunch—I'm just not into it. I don't like eggs that much. If I want waffles, pancakes, or toast, I'll make it at home.

Reeds—I've had a lot of great meals at Reeds. I love it. It's in my Top 10 in St. Louis. But it's dark and romantic, which means no good photos for Spencey. One day I'll go in and eat at 5PM...

But now, my friends, now Reeds will be serving brunch on Saturdays and Sundays! And it leans more to the lunch side than the brunch side. All my dreams are coming true.

The last two weeks, the restaurant has held soft opening brunches—I tweeted about it, but no one responded. Your loss, jerks. The brunch menu has four parts: pastries by Summer Wright and Ashley Roach, large plates from Matt Daughaday, coffee-related drinks from Zach Althaus, and cocktails.

I went with groups of people for all these meals and made them share their food with me, just so you don't judge me for being a fatty, thinking this was all mine. Things kicked off with an espresso & tonic and a double espresso, then a duo of pastries: a chive, parsley, and dill scone on the savory side, and a cinnamon, orange, and cardamom morning bun on the sweeter end. That morning bun is life changing.

Worried about our health, the kitchen sent out a bowl of the yogurt parfait. I was surprised by how good it was, with its housemade granola, fresh strawberries, and honey. I would actually consider ordering it again, but probably won't because...

Porchetta. A hockey puck of uber-tender, fatty pork. Served over buttery polenta, topped with a pork and maple gravy (a nice hit of sweetness), and sautéed greens. When Matt touches pork, magic happens.

reeds american table fried egg salad

reeds american table fried egg salad

A slightly healthier option might be the green salad, with fennel, radishes, bacon, and fried poached egg.

If you're a breakfast traditionalist, the poached egg plate is the way to go. Poached eggs are topped with a brown butter hollandaise (holy shit), and served with toasted focaccia, crispy pancetta, mushroom conserva (roasted mushrooms, basically), and grilled green onions. This was my entree the first meal, a day that was ruined by Zach's "brunch punch".

This is going to sound loco, but the drink is cold brew coffee, gin, creme de cerise, amaro, honey, lemon, and club soda. It is delicious. You should have seen how many Troika Brodsky and I took down.

For those of you who use brunch primarily as a means of recovery from the night before, then there's only one option for you: the chicken scrapple sandwich. Imagine a McDonald's chicken sandwich with real meat—this is it. A square patty of pulled and compressed chicken, breaded and fried, then thrown on a toasted bun with lettuce and aioli.

I made the mistake of sharing my sandwich with my tablemates and that resulted in me barely getting any of it. Fucking vultures.

reeds american table chicken scrapple pickles

reeds american table chicken scrapple pickles