Companion Bread

Let's not beat around the bush here. I am in love with Companion and I have been for years. Like a fine wine or Matthew McConaughey's career, it has only gotten better with age. I literally do not think I've had anything there that I did not enjoy. Companion is great for group lunching because it has something for everyone. If you're a carb-lover, go for a full sandwich. I recommend getting it on their crunchy baguette or their dense, orgasmic pretzel bread. According to their website, they produce over 20,000 pounds of pretzels per week. I wish I could eat all that. One of my food fantasies is to buy a handful of the mini-pretzel loaves, then go home and sit in the dark dipping them into some cheesy sauce while drinking beer and watching the Blues or Cardinals play.

If you're healthier, you can try one of their salads ($9.95/5.95). You should probably only order a half salad, though, unless you have the roughage eating capacity of a goat. My two favorites are the Tough Love with avocado, feta, sunflower seeds, edamame, tomatoes, spinach and meyer lemon dress or the Picnic Basket with spinach, chicken, bleu cheese, strawberries, candied pecans, red onion and strawberry poppy vinaigrette.

The best option, obviously, is the Companion Lotto ($10.25) that allows you to pick two of these: a half sandwich, a smallish soup or a small salad.

My last trip, I got the Companion Lotto with the Frenchie Sandwich on their baguette. Roasted turkey, sprouts, brie and honey dijon. I love the contrast of the crunchy baguette with the sauce and creamy brie. It's the turkey sandwich you always try to make at home but never turns out right. I also indulged on their vegetarian soup of the day, Roasted Red Pepper. Thumbs up. Any soup/salad also comes with a choice of pretzel bread, cornbread or something else. I've never picked that something else so I can't remember what it is. What kind of fool wouldn't pick pretzel or cornbread? This time, I got the cornbread.

Frenchie Sandwich at Companion Cafe

The man who claims to be my father got the special salad called Go Green. If memory serves me correctly, it was kale, sliced almonds, Parmesan cheese and roasted butternut squash. He also had them throw some chicken on there. It's a simple salad, but it's tasty. His soup choice was their Beef & Barley. Though I only got a spoonful before he took it away from me, I thought it was pretty damn tasty. I must say that my favorite soup I've had there recently was their Chicken Enchilada. It pretty much tasted like someone blended up chicken enchiladas into liquid it was awesome.

Salad and Soup at Companion Cafe

Companion is great. Check it out in Clayton or Ladue.

9781 Clayton Rd.

St. Louis, MO 63124


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