Dill Last Word

Olive and Oak' bar

Olive and Oak' bar

You would think the guy who named his website Whiskey and Soba might know a thing or two about whiskey and cocktails, but you would be wrong. I don't know anything. I know that I dislike vodka—my Russian ancestors must be rolling in their graves—and generally enjoy gin, tequila, and whiskey. All the cocktails I know how to make are basic bitch cocktails.

Looking to learn a thing or two about crafting cocktails, I've turned to Olive + Oak's Chelsea Little, a badass bartender and one of my favorite people in town. She and Nate Weber used to do an excellent job of getting me sauced at The Libertine.

I don't think she knew what a n00b I was when it comes to drinks, though. Here's how our conversation went:

CL: I'm thinking I'll make a "Dill Last Word," a play on "The Last Word" cocktail.

Me: Cool. What's "The Last Word"?

CL: It's a classic cocktail made with gin, Green Chatreuse. I use some Aquavit, too...

Me: Cool. What's Green Chartreuse? And Aquavit?

CL stabs me in the face. End scene.

Wikipedia tells me that the drink originally came from the Detroit Athletic Club in the 1920s, which just screams class.

Little's take on the drink kicks up the herbaceous nature of the drink. The glass is lined with Aquavit, a spicy spirit, and she infuses the maraschino liqueur with fresh dill.

It's easy to make and even easier to drink. Keep this handy for springtime get togethers and summertime BBQ's. It's almost like a palate cleansing sorbet that can get you drunk.


Dill Last Word

by Chelsea Little

Dill Last Word



3/4 oz St. George gin
3/4 oz Green Chartreuse
3/4 oz lime juice
3/4 oz maraschino liqueur


Combine the maraschino and a handful of dill in a jar. Leave overnight.

Pour a small amount of Aquavit in the serving glass and swirl it around all sides. Pour out (or drink).

Add gin, chartreuse, lime juice, maraschino, ice and extra dill to a shaker. Shake.

Double strain into a coupe glass. If you want to go totally pro, fill a spritz bottle with peppercorn tincture and spray on to finish.