Mango's Causa de Salmon

Sometimes I feel like I was just meant to eat certain things. The other morning, a friend texted me, asking where my favorite place to get smoked salmon and bagels was (I assume this is because I'm Jewish and not because I'm a food blogger). My useless answer was, "Uh, nowhere, really." Her question put smoked salmon in my mind. Then, as I was prepping for dinner, Ina Garten is on TV showing how she sets up her smoked salmon plate for weekend brunch get togethers. It was like Inception: everywhere I looked, smoked salmon surrounded me.

The following day, I headed down to T-Rex for a meeting with my cousins. Post-meeting lunch was needed, so to Mango Peruvian we went. We sit down, and my cousin tells me he almost always orders the same thing: Causa de Salmon.

I can only assume that the Mango team had planned this inception of my brain. I had no choice but to order it.

Just look at this thing! It's like a tower of salmon (or, as my cousin said, a 'castle' de salmon). Oven-roasted salmon salad is stuffed between two layers of aji amarillo infused potato, then topped with sliced soft boiled egg, avocado, and a smoky red pepper-rocoto aioli. So, while the salmon itself is not smoked, there's enough smoky elements elsewhere to make you think it is. This is is the kind of brunch dish I'm down for.

It's listed as a small plate, but for one person, it's pretty damn filling.

You should eat this.