Frankly Fish Fry


A few weeks back, I fell into a late night YouTube blackhole that started with me watching someone build a guitar and ended with me watching Heston Blumenthal cook what appeared to be the greatest fish and chips ever made. The next morning, fish and chips were in my Instagram feed. Two days later, my coworker was in London sending me photos of every order of fish and chips she ate (this continued for nearly two weeks). Fish and chips were, and remain, on my brain.

Since Facebook can read my thoughts, it made the first thing I saw on my feed yesterday a post from Frankly Sausages announcing the return of their annual Frankly Fish Fry, which reminded me that I had actually started putting together a post on their fish fry last year, but it was so late in the season that it didn't make sense to post it—so here you go.

Every Friday starting February 16th through March 23rd, the Frankly Sausages food truck will be parked at Six Mile Bridge Brewery from 5pm until they sell out (and they do sell out). If you don't feel like driving out to 270 and Dorsett, they'll also be selling them those same days at their restaurant on Cherokee Street (2744 Cherokee St.) from 11am until 11pm, unless they sell out first.

Let's cut to the chase: these are the best fish and chips I've had in St. Louis, combined with their famous hand cut fries, which are also probably the best in St. Louis. The fish—fresh, never frozen, line-caught Alaskan cod—is hand battered in Six Mile Bridge's Irish Red Ale beer batter, giving it that light, crisp batter you want. There's nothing wild or cheffy about these; they're just perfectly executed classic fish and chips.

Which is exactly what I want.


Fish & CHips

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