Half & Half's S'mores French Toast

This is probably blasphemous, but I'm just not a big brunch eater. Breakfast food for me is fuel for the day, something I can shove into my mouth quickly, wash down with caffeine, then move on. The idea of meeting you for brunch at 10am on a Saturday or Sunday has very little appeal to me. I can eat eggs at my table, in my pajamas, and just text you. Then I can go get a sandwich and eat a proper time. There are exceptions, of course. Brasserie's croque madame. Pastaria's nduja biscuits and gravy. Now, for particularly celebratory/hungover brunches, Half & Half's s'mores french toast.

Mike and Liz Randolph have worked with Chef de Cuisine Dale Beauchamp on updating the brunch hotspot's menu, with new breakfast additions including breakfast fried rice (eggs, sausage, jalapenos, onions) and Tess' Toast, a berry and lemon curd topped french toast. But for me, nothing is better than s'mores.

Just as I finished mourning the removal of the campfire s'mores ice cream from Ices Plain & Fancy, this arrives. The thickest cut french toast I've seen in my 28 years, topped with chocolate, graham crackers, and toasted marshmallows. There's absolutely nothing healthy about this, and that's okay. It's a tower of decadence, the dish that all the skinny West County ladies eyeball as they pretend to enjoy their grapefruit or egg white omelet. It's the kind of dish that requires a nap afterwards.


But if brunch or being diabetic just isn't your thing, give their expanded lunch menu a gander. Afraid that I may be killed before returning to Half & Half again, I opted to also try one of their new lunch offerings: a hot fried chicken sandwich. The sandwich packs a tiny bit of heat, but tastes more like Nashville hot chicken meets Asian sweet chili sauce. It's juicy, it's crispy, and it has a damn good pickle aioli dripping all over it. It's more tang than fire, but the breading and flavors are spot on.

I'm guessing I just helped you make some brunch/lunch plans for the next week. You're welcome (but you should probably follow up with some serious gym sessions, because this is all going straight to your hips).