Katie's Pizza & Pasta

Bad weather, a migraine and errands started my Saturday on a sour note. Then, at around 10 am, my sister asked me a question that caused the clouds to part, the sun to shine and a smile to creep onto my face. "Do you want to go to Katie's Pizza and Pasta for lunch?"

Of course I do. It had nearly been 2 whole weeks since I last had pizza. In my humble opinion, pizza is one of the kings of culinary world. Pizza is pinnacle of food. You’re going to see a lot of pizza reviews on here.

Katie's Pizza and Pasta is nestled away in Rock Hill, just off of Manchester Road. I'm a long time fan of Katie's Pizzeria off Clayton road, but I'd yet to try the newish Katie's Pizza and Pasta. Perhaps it’s a coincidence or perhaps it was all a genius ploy by Katie’s, but walking towards the restaurant your olfactory system is overloaded by the smell of greasy fast food emanating from the nearby Wendy’s. What a food turn-off. But then you walk into Katie’s and it’s like stumbling into an oasis in the desert. If I had to guess what heaven smells like, I think it’s probably freshly baked pizza.

Menu at Katie's pizza and Pasta

While our original plan was to get the lunch special, everything was thrown off when I saw the Fig & Squash($16) pizza with roasted butternut squash, black mission figs, pancetta, goat cheese and balsamic was not an option for the lunch special. We decided that splitting that pizza and the Fried Artichoke Salad($12) would be a smart plan. It was.

After ordering, some fresh bread was brought to the table. Just look at it below, soft and warm. You want this bread.

Bread at Katie's pizza and Pasta

The salad was stellar. The mix of pistachio, goat cheese, spring greens and balsamic vinaigrette worked together brilliantly, but the best part of it were the little fried artichoke bombs. I would come eat here for this salad alone. My inner fatty would really like to get a little mountain of those fried artichokes and dip them into some ranch dressing.

artichoke salad at Katie's pizza and Pasta

Now for the pizza. One of the things I love about Katie's is their soft and chewy dough, which is strong enough to allow you to eat your slices by hand. No fork and knife necessary. I think the dough works particularly well on sauce-less pizzas, like the one we got. The only fault I found in the pizza was that it was a bit heavy on the balsamic. My next visit will likely see me trying the Sausage Pizza with caramelized leeks and fennel sausage or the Meatball pizza. I’m dying to try their red sauce.

Fig and Squash pizza at Katie's pizza and Pasta

To me, Katie’s Pizza and Pasta is a welcome addition to St. Louis, and I can’t wait to go back.

9568 Manchester Rd

Rock Hill, MO


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