Las Palmas Mexican Restaurant

As my friends, family and coworkers can attest, I can be indecisive when it comes to picking where to eat. I don't want to waste a meal. I blame my dad. Friday's initial plan was to eat at La Tejana Taqueria because I love authentic tacos and I love restaurants that are inside of liquor stores. Around Page Ave., the urge for tacos briefly turned to Chinese and we decided to change plans and head to Mandarin House. Then we drove by Las Palmas Mexican Restaurant and it was back to tacos.

The name was familiar, so we pulled into the lot and turned to Google for guidance. Confusingly, there are three Mexican restaurants in St. Louis named "Las Palmas", with two of them being sister restaurants and one being unrelated. This one, on Page, is the unrelated one.

The restaurant is small but has character, with teal walls adorned with murals and Mexican art. It was surprisingly full, with us taking the last open booth. Having never been there nor read any reviews, we began eyeballing the nearby tables. The common dish amongst them were fajitas. A tasty meal, for sure, but one I almost always refuse to order. I will not pay more to have to make my own dinner!

Our waiter came by immediately to take our drink orders, tell us about the specials and sell us on their margaritas. His English wasn't great, but he was enthusiastic and funny. We ended up ordering one Las Palmas Margarita and one Texas Margarita. I couldn't really understand the difference between his descriptions of the two, but whatever. I'd find out when they came.

Like any good Mexican restaurant, they brought out free chips and salsa. The chips were fresh and crunchy, and the house salsa was a bit smokey and spicy. They give each person at the table their own small bowl of salsa, which I give two thumbs up to. Great idea. I hate sharing. If we were back in my fatter days, I would have cleared that basket of chips and salsa myself.

Chips and Salsa at Las Palmas

The margaritas came out just in time to wash down the chips. The difference between the two drinks was that the Las Palmas Margarita is very sweet while the Texas Margarita has a much more pronounced alcohol taste. Both were pretty strong.

Margaritas at Las Palmas

The menu is quite large for such a small restaurant, so you can be assured there's something there that you'll like. They have your typical Mexican fare of tacos, enchiladas and quesadillas, plus regular entrees. This includes shrimp, fish and vegetarian options. We asked our waiter what his favorite dish was and he pointed out the two cheese enchiladas platter. Hoping to find something that involved actual cooking, I asked him what his second favorite dish was on the menu. This time he pointed to the THREE cheese enchiladas platter, then smiled and said, "I really like cheese". A gourmet he was not, but I have respect for a man who loves his cheese.

Las Palmas had a number of specials on their white board as well, including Fish Tacos. We got an order of those, plus their 3 Enchilada Sampler. The taco platter came with three pretty well sized tacos. I was pleasantly surprised that the fish was grilled and not fried. The enchilada platter, which came with cilantro rice and pinto beans, was fairly standard. We got a beef, a cheese and a chicken. The only one that stood out as slightly above normal was their beef, which had been cooked in a well seasoned broth.

Fish Tacos at Las Palmas
Enchiladas at Las Palmas

I apologize for not having the prices, but I thought they had a website I'd be able to reference. The entrees were somewhere between $7-9, and the drinks were just under that. We left Las Palmas full and satisfied, but not blown away.

10092 Page Ave

St. Louis, MO

(314) 423-3633

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