Libertine Fried Chicken Night

The Libertine has closed.

There are two things I look forward to every month: getting paid and The Libertine's Southern Fried Chicken Sunday Supper (TLSFCSS).  I try to eat healthy meals most nights, despite all the delicious goodies you see posted here. Fried Chicken Sunday is the exception. There's nothing healthy about those meals (except that chicken is protein and protein is healthy, so fried chicken must be sort of good for you?). As a reminder, these meals are three courses for $30, the second Sunday of each month.

Another reason I am obsessed with fried chicken night is that I've never been pleased with my fried chicken photos. I don't know what it is about them, but they just don't look right. These aren't perfect, but they're the best I've taken so far. Progress! Now, onwards to the food!


The first course was an enormous bowl of [symple_highlight color="blue"]clam chowder[/symple_highlight] with little bits of andouille and New England clams. In what is both a blessing and a curse, I have some kind of lactose intolerance, so I was only able to give the soup a small taste. It tasted a lot like the famous Legal Seafood chowder from Boston.

Clam Chowder

If you can't eat the starter, better fill up that empty space with booze, right? This is the [symple_highlight color="blue"]Fear & Loathing[/symple_highlight], made with Gosling's Black Seal Dark Rum, housemade cola, pecan foam and a citrus dusting. Me like.


This monster platter of sides arrived along with our chicken and wow - they were top notch. I think this was the tastiest group of sides they've had for fried chicken night yet. The sorghum butter brushed [symple_highlight color="blue"]buttermilk biscuits[/symple_highlight] are a staple. You must get them. I'm literally drooling on myself as I think about them. And if you're going to get biscuits, you've got to get some [symple_highlight color="blue"]apple butter[/symple_highlight] too.

The back right dish is a [symple_highlight color="blue"]brussel sprouts piccalilli[/symple_highlight], which was like pickle relish. I barely got any because some people at the table weren't very good at sharing. Finally, we have one of my favorite hot sauces around: Josh Galliano's fermented jalapeño sauce. I've been secretly working on a plan to bottle this stuff and sell it. It could be the next Sriracha.


Here it is: St. Louis' most glorious fried chicken. I've been harping about this since I started this blog, so if you've been a consistent reader and you still haven't gone, shame on you. Crunchy, spicy skin + juicy chicken = this.

It came with sweet potato casserole and sweet & sour cabbage, both of which I ate, but it's all a blur. I obviously liked them since both were basically gone by the time I finished, but I don't remember much about them. I had chicken on my mind.

Fried Chicken
Fried Chicken
Fried Chicken

Dirt cake for dessert - what a throwback! I was so full by the time I was done with the chicken (which I did not finish), I couldn't even think about eating dessert. Lucky for me it came in a to-go cup, allowing me to eat it when I wasn't so full. That turned out to be about 5 minutes into the drive home.  I dug in with the ferocity of a honey badger on the hunt. Eating it was like going back to summer camp in Wisconsin. The vanilla bean pastry cream and chocolate 'dirt' were a great close to the meal, plus there were the bonus gummy worms.

Dirt Cake


The Libertine

7927 Forsyth

Clayton, MO 63105


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