Lunch Pick: Truffles

Truffles no longer serves lunch.

Do me a favor: go to Truffles for lunch more. I have no skin in the game—I don't make money, this isn't a paid ad or anything like that. I just want to stop being the only person under 50 eating lunch there. It feels weird.

A lot of people make the assumption that it's going to be some wallet-crushing meal because it's in Ladue and it's typically a 'fine dining' establishment, but the lunch options all stay right around that $10-12 range, and I've never left hungry.  That's on par with just about every other restaurant you're going to. Here are some of my favorites to whet your appetite.

Every day, Truffles has a different gumbo available. Some days it's Cochon de lait, some days it's smoked chicken, and if you're very lucky, it'll be a seafood gumbo. They're all better than most other gumbos you can find in town. I typically do the $14 soup and half sandwich combo, because I cannot resist carbs, but I also cannot resist their gumbo.


Speaking of sandwiches, they've got some good ones. First off, the burger: golden brioche bun, aged white cheddar, caramelized onions, and a thick cut of their house smoked bacon, all stacked high. Just yesterday I saw someone get it as I was eating my salad and immediately felt serious order envy. He was old enough where I could have just taken it from him, but stealing from the elderly is often frowned upon.

A new addition to the menu is the smoked salmon BLT, which smoked salmon on a BLT. Their bacon is glorious—it's peppery and ultra crunchy. Smoked salmon is delicious. I don't even need the L & T. Just fill a vessel with bacon and smoked salmon and I'll eat it. (I did the half chopped Italian salad and half sandwich combo. Salad counteracts the bacon, right?)

I don't know why I'm always surprised that their BBQ is good, but I am. The pulled pork sandwich is about as good as any other you'll find in town, with tender pork and their housemade Sweet Heat BBQ sauce. Same goes for their Asian-inspired dishes—I loved their gochujang fried fish last summer, and I'm currently enjoying their gochujang chicken wings.

If you do feel like being classy A.F. and dropping some dough, go for the lobster roll. A buttered and toasted brioche hot dog bun is packed with lobster, herb-caper aioli, preserved lemon, and served with their bomb smoked paprika potato chips. It's an herbaceous change from the normal lobstah roll.


If you really, really want to go big, you could get their truffle risotto and have them rain down some fresh truffles on it. Yeah, I did it. I love me some truffles.