Salume Beddu

Salume Beddu closed their shop, but their sandwiches can still be found at Parker’s Table.

If there's ever a Saturday where you can't decide what to eat for lunch, you need to just head over to Salume Beddu. Their specials, no matter how simple they may sound, are out of this world. The highlights from my latest trip over:

The bruschetta of the day was topped with olive oil poached green chickpeas, pecorino cheese and Calabrian preserved Hen of the Woods mushrooms.  Spicy. Cheesy. Healthy because it's green.

We tried a sample of their pancetta arrotolata, a nutty and buttery slice of heaven.

The sandwich of the day was a fennel-braised (!) pulled pork shoulder with brussel sprout slaw, preserved lemons and Turkish oil-cured black olives. Considering all the pork and bread, it still felt like a light sandwich. Absurdly good.


Braised pork shoulder

Replacing the long-time favorite "G.L.T." is this new masterpiece: roasted guanciale, radicchio, harissa and roasted winter squash puree. I am so thankful that Salume Beddu is far from my office because I would probably eat this every single day. Guanciale is cured pork jowl, but don't let that turn you off. On this sandwich, it's just like bacon. You've got the fatty crunch of the guanciale, a little bitterness from radicchio, then the combination of spicy harissa and a creamy squash puree. This is the kind of sandwich that keeps me worshiping at the altar of Marco Sanfilippo.



Salume Beddu

3467 Hampton Avenue

St. Louis, MO 63139