Snarf's Prime Rib

I can't tell you how often people recommend restaurants to me, prefaced with something like, "I know you only like fancy food, but..." I don't only eat fancy food. No one does. Not chefs, not food writers. If they claim to, they're lying. Everyone eats Taco Bell, Dominos, or Jersey Mike's sometimes. I spend a fair amount of time in the Loop, pestering Mike Randolph's teams at Randolfi's and Publico, noshing on brisket at Salt + Smoke, buying tons of stuff I don't need at United Provisions, and so on. There are some days that I don't have time to sit at a restaurant—I just want to grab and go. Seoul Taco is an obvious choice, but you've seen that line. I ain't waiting.

One of my chef friends turned me on to Snarf's. For the longest time, I thought it was a local chain, but it's actually a small chain based out of Boulder. Close enough. I've tried a few sandwiches, but I keep going back to the prime rib. I'm just not into beef on sandwiches from places like Subway, Quzinos, and Potbelly. I can deal with the highly processed poultry, but there's something about the dry, stringy, grey meat that I can't get past. Probably the fact that it's dry, stringy, and grey.

Snarf's prime rib looks and tastes like real beef...because it is. I get it on the wheat (a surprisingly flavorful and soft bread from Fazio's, which follows the original Snarf's recipe) with provolone, plus all the free toppings—excluding mustard. But to really make it worth your while, double down on their hot giardiniera. There's something about beef + cheese + giard that makes everything better. I do wish they'd add a horseradish sauce, but it's probably better that they don't—my sandwich intake would rise too rapidly.

If you're feeling sandwichy and want to avoid The Big 3, hunt down a Snarf's (there's one at SLU, WashU, the Loop, and at the MX downtown).

Snarf's prime rib sandwich and Fitz's root beer

Snarf's prime rib sandwich and Fitz's root beer

snarf's hot giardinera

snarf's hot giardinera



6301 Delmar Blvd St. Louis, MO 63130


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