Southern's Cheeseburger

Note: Rick Lewis is no longer the chef of Southern.

Everyone has been to Southern by now. It's the hottest (that's a pun, because the chicken is hot) spot in town, with a line snaking in and out of the building from about 11 AM to 1:30 PM. After doing some investigative research—also known as eating at Southern a lot—I noticed that most people are sticking with chicken. That's fine and dandy, of course. The chicken is incredible, and it's what the restaurant's built on. But I want to challenge you to try something different. I want you to push yourself to branch out.

That's why you need to try their Southern Burger. Chef Rick Lewis takes two thin, diner style patties, and smashes them onto the flat top so they get ultra crispy. Each patty is topped with his pimento cheese (ridiculous), then shaved onion and possibly my favorite pickles on Earth. All that is put on a buttery toasted bun.

Last time my brother was in town, we stopped by Southern to try a little bit of everything. We got a mountain of chicken, fried green tomatoes, lots of sides, and the burger, which came last. Even after all the other stuff, we still managed to demolish the burger. It's that good.

This is one of those dishes that's going to leaving you feeling satiated and happy, but then about an hour later you're going to be sleeping at your desk and thinking about what a chunkster you are.

Worth it.