Revisiting The Peacemaker

I've accomplished something at The Peacemaker that I've been able to do at only a few restaurants: I've eaten nearly every single item on the menu. It's been tough eating plate after plate of Kevin Nashan's food, but I've persevered. With that in mind, I think I'm fully qualified to give you the run down of what I would deem to be the correct order for a meal at Peacemaker.


If it's just you and another person, you should start off with the fried clams. You could get them as a roll (seen above), but I prefer to get them without the bread. The fried strips are served with this fantastic aioli, and, if you're smart, you'll ask for a side of the house hot sauce. This would also be a perfect time to order whatever booze slushie they have that day.

peacemaker fried clams hot sauce

peacemaker fried clams hot sauce

Who said salads need to be boring—or healthy? The Lyonnaise has quickly become my go-to green for the evening. Frisee and pickled onions are tossed in a bacon mustard vinaigrette, then topped with a poached egg, fat pork lardons, and crispy fried oysters. Tell me that isn't a salad you wouldn't terminate with extreme prejudice.

peacemaker fried oyster egg salad

peacemaker fried oyster egg salad

If you've got a larger group with you, I'd throw in whatever the crudo of the day is, the pillowy lobster steam buns, and some oysters.


I hate being a person who gets the same thing every time at a restaurant, but Peacemaker has done it to me. The smoked brisket poorboy is out of this world good. I mean, when people come to visit, I take them to Peacemaker and I force them to eat this.

Every time I recommend this to someone, they question me about a choice of meat over a lobster roll or one of the boils, but my reasoning is as follows: I can go to Seafood City and pick up lobsters, crabs, and shrimp and make a boil or roll at home (Peacemaker imports better seafood, but still—the taste is similar). What I cannot do at home is smoke brisket that is as wonderful as theirs, nor do I have access to the Peacemaker Companion roll.

The Companion roll itself is buttery yet flakey, crispy yet soft. It is, I daresay, my favorite sandwich bread on earth.

If I'm not getting the brisket (which will only happen if cows are extinct), I'm getting the oyster poorboy, followed by pretty much any other entree.

peacemaker brisket poboy

peacemaker brisket poboy


Picking sides for the table is never easy at Peacemaker. The fried green tomatoes are a must-order, but behind that it's really just what you're into or how fat you feel like being that night. The lobster Frito Pie is usually a show-stopper for newcomers, and the hush puppies have a nice flavor as well.


The answer is simple: pie. Bob "The Zuggernaut" Zugmaier makes the best pies and you should eat them. The soft-serve with housemade magic shell is also scrumptious, but once again, pie is the winner.

The Peacemaker Lobster and Crab Co.

1831 Sidney Street

St. Louis, MO


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