Taste Test: Rip Van Wafels

I'm a lifelong lover of all things waffle. There was never a time in my life where I thought that maybe pancakes were better. A pancake is puffy and soft, like I used to be. Waffles have a firm exterior and a soft inside, like I do now. Any filling that can go in a pancake can go in a waffle. Furthermore, one cannot ignore the topographical advantage a waffle has with its mountains and valleys that act as little hiding spots for your toppings. That expensive syrup you just bought from Whole Foods just slid right off the pancake of yours, while my waffle captured it and turned it into a tiny syrup shot glass. Winner: waffles. My friend and DC food blogger, DailyLoveAffair, knows my passion for waffles. One cold and depressing January morning, she asked me if I'd ever heard of a Dutch stroopwafel. No, I'd never heard of or seen a stroopwafel before. She told me a friend of hers from San Francisco  brought her back a box of them from a new start up called Rip Van Wafels. I found the company's website and began drooling all over my desk like a Looney Tunes character. Two super thin wafels (I'm going Dutch from here out) with melty caramel on the inside?! I was very opgewonden.

Cocoa Rip Van Wafels
Chocolate Rip Van Wafels

Lucky for you and me, you can order a box of 16 or 64 wafels from their website. I was tempted to just go for 64 from the start, but I didn't want to turn myself into a pancake again, so I just went for 16.

The wafels are about as thin as your average coaster and as wide as a small cup. The day they arrived, I heated up a cup of coffee I didn't plan on drinking and started the painstaking task of melting the caramel. I placed the wafel halfway onto the cup and let it sit for what felt like an eternity. Finally, my 1-minute timer went off and I moved in for the kill. The wafels didn't have a crunch like I expected, but instead had a slight chew to them that worked great with the melty caramel. The caramel wasn't overly sweet and the wafels themselves had a nice taste. Maybe a hint of cinnamon? After that I morphed into Cookie Monster and swallowed the rest of the cookie whole.

Cocoa Rip Van Wafels and Coffee

Afraid that I would consume all 15 of the remaining wafels, I brought them to my office and fed them to the people. It reminded me of when you go to a Koi pond and they all come up, mouths open, waiting for food to be thrown their way. All wafels were gone by about 9 am.

A few weeks later, as expected, I started jonesing for more stroopwafels. My love handles cried out for them. I headed to the Rip Van Wafels site to find...COCOA WAFELS? I have never been a big caramel lover, but chocolate is delicious. Five minutes later, cocoa wafels had been ordered. Unfortunately, FedEx "misplaced" (ate) my wafels, but the excellent customer service at Rip Van Wafel's quickly remedied the problem and I soon had wafels in hand.

All the pictures here are the cocoa wafels. The consistency of the wafel is almost identical to the caramel one, which was a nice surprise. Same chew, but different tastes.

Look at them...so chocolatey. So gooey. You haven't even had one before and I bet you can imagine exactly how it tastes.

I highly recommend ordering yourself a box of each and not sharing them.


Melting cocoa Rip Van Wafels

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