Guerrilla Street Food's new All City Burger

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Guerrilla Street Food’s All City Burger

You’re a creature of habit, right? We all are. We go to our favorite restaurants and we order our favorite dishes. Straying outside of that leaves you open…

Byrd and Barrel's chicken nugz, BBQ sauce, and tots

Dish of the Day

Byrd & Barrel Nugz & Tots

Many moons ago, I wrote about Byrd & Barrel. And, since the time of publishing, I’ve returned a number of times. Unexplainably, it wasn’t until three weeks ago…


Dining Out: St. Louis

Luau at the Four Seasons

You always want what you can’t have, and growing up, that was pork for me. Like a lot of Jewish kids, I grew up in a half-heartedly Kosher…


Dining Out: St. Louis


Hello Wildcats! It’s been too long since I’ve written about Taste, Gerard Craft’s CWE bar. A lot has changed since my first post: Matt Daughaday departed to open…


Dining Out: St. Louis

Brewers Guild x Reeds American Table

With something like 150 separate events going on for St. Louis Craft Beer Week, one stood out above all others to me: the St. Louis Brewers Guild Beer…


Dining Out: St. Louis

Union Loafers Pizza Night

There are a lot of things to love about Union Loafers: its bread, its lunch options, its modern-yet-classic decor, its proximity to La Patisserie Chouquette, and the adorable…


Dining Out: St. Louis

With Food and Love: Midsummer

For you pop-up dinner lovers, I’ve got another option for you: fellow food blogger Sherrie Castellano of With Food and Love has started a series of small, intimate dinners. And,…

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Dining Out: St. Louis

Sardella: Pop-Up Preview

June 2nd was an emotional day for me. The rumors were true: Niche was closing and executive chef Nate Hereford was leaving for San Francisco. I felt like…

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Summer Corn Bruschetta

I’ve had my share of haute cuisine, dishes with ingredient and instruction lists as long as the Torah, but I’m still more impressed by a simple dish executed perfectly….

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Dining Out: St. Louis

Yori Korean Cuisine

While the rest of the country (and world, really) have been enjoying a surge in Korean restaurants over the last few years, St. Louis has not. We’re still…


Dining Out: St. Louis

Scenes from Sidney Street Cafe

Behind the Scenes Sidney Street Cafe St. Louis, Missouri June 2016



The Best Chicken Fingers. Ever.

It’s early 2014 and I’ve just arrived back in the U.S.  I haven’t eaten fried chicken in at least 4 years. I’ve convinced myself that not only do I…